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Study and understand the arduous history of the 20th century - permeated with deadly ideologies - through exploring European battlefields and war related sites.

About us

We have been planning and delivering WWI and WWII historical battlefield tours in Europe for two decades. Our tours – our hobbies what we do with or without you: digging and studying the sites of the Great War and World War II; doing research and writing articles and connect people. We are not on the battlefield to guide you; we guide you because we are on the battlefields. For us it is an icing on the cake if you join and tour these sacred fields with us. We will not just guide you through the battlefield but will present you with the ultimate once in a lifetime journey across time.

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About our tours

WWI and WWII historical battlefield tours in Europe. Our military history tours are the best value for your money. High quality – low price. Quality is coming from our experience and historical background – low price is coming from our low office cost, no printed brochures, no costly ads on TV or in magazines and optimization. We take you to all the worth see and must-see sites and give you history lectures while you are visiting these sites with us. Informative, innovative, unique experience every single day you spend during our travels.

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