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We have been planning and delivering WWI and WWII historical battlefield tours in Europe for two decades. Our tours – our hobbies what we do with or without you: digging and studying the sites of the Great War and World War II; doing research and writing articles and connect people. We are not on the battlefield to guide you; we guide you because we are on the battlefields. For us it is an icing on the cake if you join and tour these sacred fields with us. We will not just guide you through the battlefield but will present you with the ultimate once in a lifetime journey across time. Our community is a band of certified, qualified, experienced, and devoted local historian guides who have the keys to doors you will never have on a regular tour

An example of the dozens: the unique deep underground tunnel system (was dug by WWI tunneling companies to blow up enemy trenches) at Butte de Vauquois is not accessible for the public. With us you will be part of a small group, the few who will ever see it. We write books and will not just sell them to you but will take you to remote places and share stories with you; places and stories that are not available for an everyday tourist. All of us served in the army and have a PHD or a master’s degree in history. We have been guides for decades touring the same battlefields and yet never been bored since. We always discover something new: another story – sometimes being told by you, by our fellow passengers – another segment, a new viewpoint. We are enthusiasts whose hobby is paid by others. We have been walking on the unbeaten yet safe path of the unique battlefields for decades. Why not join us?

About our tours

WWI and WWII historical battlefield tours in Europe. Our military history tours are the best value for your money. High quality – low price. Quality is coming from our experience and historical background – low price is coming from our low office cost, no printed brochures, no costly ads on TV or in magazines and optimization. We take you to all the worth see and must-see sites and give you history lectures while you are visiting these sites with us. Informative, innovative, unique experience every single day you spend during our travels. Every day is perfectly balanced out with a mixture of your scheduled program and the right amount of free time with an opportunity to choose the museum you like the most and spend as much time in that museum as you feel like.

Instead of the boring set menus – if you traveled by a coach as part of a tour group before, you know what we mean – you can enjoy the freedom of eating whatever you like the most, try the local cuisine and spend as much time dining as you want saving yourself another extra ten or more minutes in the museum of your choice or vice versa. Not setting up the boring menu for you does not mean that we are not helping you out. We – every day – provide you with information about local specialties and the best restaurants nearby.

Some of our tours have special day trips for that you can sign up on the spot with your tour manager or can stay in town and visit sites of your choice. For example, you can join us to travel to the German Alps or go to one of the dozens of well-known spectacular locations in Munich instead: the BMW World – if you love cars and motorcycles; the Royal Palace – if you like royalty, treasures, paintings, and statues; the 1972 Olympic Stadium – if you are a sport fan. The opportunities are not endless, but close. Our tours built for 100% customer satisfaction.

All of our tours are uniformized and they always include accommodations at 3-star hotels with breakfasts, airport transfers on the first and last day of the tour, transportation throughout the tour, professional and experienced historian tour guide during the tour. What is excluded in the price: airfare, insurance, entrance fees, lunch and dinner, extra services in the hotels such as Pay TV, laundry, minibar, and tips for our drivers, local guides and the tour manager. The difficulty level of the tour depends on how much you want to take in, but we must admit that there is walking involved in the sand of the of the seas or on the uneven cobblestone of ancient towns or on unpaved roads in the fields or in the forests. Climbing into WWI trenches or wandering in dark WWII bunkers are not compulsory. Amount of walking: up to 5 miles per day. Average number of people on the bus is 12. Our prices are non-negotiable and based on double occupancy that is two people sharing a room.

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